Peeter Vassiljev

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ECLAS - European Council Of Landscape Arhitecture Schools



Short curriculum:

He graduated landscape architecture master's in 2003 and have been teaching since then. His main teaching interests have been related to planning and landscape construction. One of the founding members of Estonian Landscape Architecture Students' Association and Estonian Landscape Architects' Union.

Research interest:

landscape simulation and environmental psychology

Taught courses: 

PK.0548   Residential area design and planning  
1.part   4ECTS autumn   2.part   5ECTS   spring
PK.1162   Landscape construction   6ECTS
PK.0758   Basics of environmental psychology 2ECTS spring

Some teaching on:
PK.1023   Urban ecology and planning   4ECTS autumn
PK.0764   Spatial planning   4ECTS autumn
PK.0407   Landscape and visual impact assessment   2ECTS spring

Courses for international students:

PK.0758   Basics of environmental psychology 2ECTS Spring