Meri Mannerla-Magnusson

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ECLAS - European Council Of Landscape Arhitecture Schools

Position: University Teacher at Aalto University (1999 – 2014), Lecturer at Aalto University from 2014 to present. 

Short curriculum: Master of Architecture (M.Arch.), Maisema-arkkitehtuuri MM (owner, 1999 – Present); Studio Terra Oy (project manager, 2010 – 2014), The Berger Partnership (Landscape architect, 1996 – 1999), Richard Haag Associates (Landscape designer, 1996 – 1996), Land Design, Inc (Landscape designer, 1994 – 1996)  (2 years)Alexandria, Virginia, USA 

Research interests: Basics of landscape design and construction / teaching methods, Housing 

Taught courses:  Lecturer of Landscape Design and Construction. In charge of several Bachelor level classes on Landscape Design and Construction. Bachelor's Thesis and Seminar, Basics of Landscape Architecture 1B, Field Course of Landscape Architecture 2, Techniques and Materials of Landscape Architecture, Basics of Landscape Architecture 2B, Landscape and the City